self-declared minimalist when it comes to anything to do in the kitchen.
please treat all recipes as a guide line and adapt to suit your taste. 

on the cake stand
auntie's butter cake
● banana chiffon cake

easy peasy muffins
yeasted things
● HK style pineapple buns (菠萝包)
● potato buns
● pandan and coconut waffles

in the cookie jar

slice 'em up tray bakes
 nut & crunch brownies (original school recipe)
 nut & crunch brownies (modified school recipe)

fiddly things
 apple galette
 apple pie puff pastry version / wholemeal pastry version
● choux pastry
● chouxros (faux churros)
● coconut tarts
 pasteis de nata (portuguese egg tarts)
● sardine pies puff pastry version

morning tea scones

 basic pancakes (eyeballed measurements)
 lemon & poppy seed pancakes

sauce it up!

 chocolate truffles (crushed biscuits version)
 milk tea pudding (gelatin base)
oriental inspired
 ang ku kuih (turtles)
 red bean paste (红豆沙 ・ あんこ)
 pumpkin glutinous ball with red bean dessert (红豆沙金瓜汤圆)
 smiling doughnuts (笑口棗)

◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯

homemade dishes - chicken
char siu chicken  (叉燒鸡扒)
● chinese style chicken mushroom steak (冬菇鸡扒)
● chinese style roast chicken (中式烤鸡)
● larb gai (Thai minced chicken salad)
● spring vegetable & garlic chicken
● steamed tofu with prawn and chicken meatballs
● taiwanese crispy chicken (盐酥鸡)
 teriyaki chicken burgers

homemade dishes - beef
bulgogi (S's mum's secret recipe)
● cơm bò lúc lắc (stir fried diced beef / shaking beef)
 herbed meatballs & cous cous

homemade dishes - pork
my dad's wontons (广式馄饨/水饺fusion)
● pork ragù
sweet soy pork ribs
● triple-breaded layered tonkatsu

homemade dishes - other
 frittata autumn harvest
● hakka pan mee (notes only) (客家板面)
 kartoffelsuppe (German potato soup)
 miso (tofu) dengaku (みそ田楽)
oeufs en cocotte (baked eggs)
● pumpkin soup
 red lentil soup
● roast potato salad (German potato salad)
sardine & tomato pasta