26 Sep 2012

on the house

Cheers to the fruit shop man who kind enough to give me a bagful of ripe monkey bananas (on the house!) so I could make this and other baked goods!

Banana bread french toast has been on my to-do list since seeing it in Esquire's How to eat like a man cookbook, but never got around to it until Mrs Roddick asked if I had a low fat banana bread recipe so she could bake it for our handbag collecting friend. Unfortunately for her I didn't and could only think of more ways to make it more calorific. 

The banana chip idea was taken from this revamped banana split I saw on a food blog recently. I didn't want to open the jar of cherries so in went strawberries and a tough decision between fake maple syrup or Hershey's chocolate syrup.

Recipe notes:
Adapted this banana loaf recipe and used my usual french toast recipe.