23 Oct 2011

a short lived summer

Spring weather came to Melbourne and went in flash! It felt more like a summer than a spring to me though. However, it's has now reverted back to it's gloomy, rainy state. The heat wasn't too bad as long as there were cool breezes, but I find it more tolerable with the current weather. Here's hoping it will hold out for just a few more weeks! (Surely summer loving folks will be charging at me now.)

At least I made some lemonade (a few weeks ago...)! I remember my dad making a tart lemonade back in our old kitchen. The child me would always tell him to add more sugar. But he never did, saying it was enough. Nowadays, I prefer it towards the tart side.

Recipe yields around one litre worth of strong tart lemonade. Please use the above as a guideline only. Feel free to adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes.   

1 Oct 2011

good morning, breakfast

Lots of rain, thunder and cloudy weather in Melbourne this week. Not that I mind, since I very much prefer the cold weather. Decided to try something different from the usual scone mixture again. To me, these ones were fluffy and less floury. When in the oven, the spices in the dough make your kitchen smell really good too! 

Looking forward to chop in a block of my favourite chocolate next time. The zest of an whole orange won't hurt either. Oh, and that egg yolk part, skip it (or brush with milk) if you want, since it just makes the tops more golden and shiny.