31 Oct 2009


'tis the hottest day of the week. As you probably already know, I HATE the hot weather so I am really not enjoying myself right now. To top it off, my dad just had a cook a HUMONGOUS pot of soup noodles. Eating soup noodles in 30゜C really isn't one of my fortes. Actually I think eating soup noodles in this weather is just plain absurd.

Soup noodles is for dinner and because I didn't want to eat it, I decided to make tea flavoured french toast using a Japanese recipe from Lettuce Club. Unfortunately, the tea flavour was really faint, I should have known better to add more than the recipe indicated since I like strong tea. But coating the toast in honey seemed to work. It actually tasted good.

The recipe! Maybe it was because I added the whole egg and not 1/2 an egg as indicated...

Used this instead of tea bags

To my horror it wasn't tea leaves -_- Got to go buy tea leaves!

It was bland on its own. But after it was literally coated with honey (golden syrup indicated in the recipe) it tasted much, much better. Probably add more tea tips next time.

30 Oct 2009

american craze

Reese's peanut butter cups, Hershey's milk chocolate and almonds

Recently SARS's parents and siblings went on a holiday trip to the States. Even though SARS herself didn't go, it was nice of her to share her chocolate and candy stash of Reese's peanut butter cups and Hershey chocolate bars. Thanks for the chocolates~ :D

I haven't ate them yet, but I've tried the Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bar before, and it was GOOD! The chocolate bar is part of the kids dinner meal if you travel on Malaysia Airlines. Of course, I am not qualified to eat the kids meal anymore, my sister doesn't like white chocolate, so she usually gives it to me :)

Probably shop for some Hershey's in KLIA next time. But chocolate is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE in Malaysia! Not only that, you can't get the Australia Tim Tams there either. The Tim Tams over there are compound chocolate? coated wafers and the label says "not to be sold in Australia or New Zealand". Pretty much chocolate deprived when I go there, which sucks.

More screwed up weather today. Cloudy and windy in the morning, very hot afternoon, cool evening and it's currently drizzling outside (@ 2349)

24 Oct 2009

baking bug strikes

The baking bug has stuck again! After a week of "study" and no baking, I had an urge to use my newly acquired baking tins. I had plans to make tuna and vegetable triangles, but I ended up making a tart as well, since I had lots and lots of filling :)

Very basic ingredients used as you can see (and I only used 1 egg). Added some other ingredients from the fridge and freezer and tadaa...

A golden flaky tuna and vegetable tart! I was so happy with the colour of the tart, I was literally jumping for joy! The trick here to achieve a golden tart/ pastry is to brush beaten egg on the tart prior baking (like with any other pastry) and continuing to brush it when baking time is mid way and prior taking the tart out. I brushed it with egg about 3-4 times as the first brushing gave it a light gold colour only.

Had extra filling, so I decided to make tuna triangles as well. Well finished my stock of rolled puff pastry at least. It has been in the freezer for a month.

Under the flaky pastry

Gave half of the tart away to my neighbour, since she always brings food over for us :) It's time to return the favour.

Tuna and vege triangles

Well also had some shortcrust pastry in the freezer so I gave it to my sister to muck around with it. She decided to make tarts with kaya and raspberry jam. (The left one is mine as I had to show her a demo)

Had a packet of brownie box mix and decided to use it too. To me, using box mix is now taboo, but decided to "make up" for it by adding jersey caramels and chocolate chips on top.

(This is a crap photo - not enough lighting) The results!

Jersey caramels

Despite the SURPRISE Chinese SAC, today was very fun, especially spending my entire afternoon in the kitchen baking away.