31 Oct 2012

road trip

Great Ocean Road, bombarded with tourists, photobombers and endless coastline views. With the summer weather coming our way, it's one of those must-see places if you ever visit Victoria.

Returning back to Melbourne a shade darker, we were fortunate to have had good weather the whole day. Albeit too hot, the views were definitely worth it. Of the stops we made, I reckon Gibson Steps was the best. Going down was easy, going back up looked daunting, but it was not too bad (to my surprise).

Stops along Great Ocean Road: Anglesea, Apollo Bay, Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge (Shipwreck's Coast), Gibson Steps

27 Oct 2012

the museum

Me: Hey remember how we went to the museum and I got scared from that spider sound that I jumped and laughed like crazy afterwards?

Mrs Roddick: Priceless moment LOL! Glad I got to witness it!

Me: Whistling spider. Damn thing.

An account of of field trip to the museum way back in April. We'll be returning to the neighbouring building in a couple of weeks for our final examinations.

13 Oct 2012

turtle shells!

I finally did it - made my own turtles (they are called ang ku kuih but I called them turtles because their shape resembles a turtle's shell)! I usually have a couple for breakfast if my grandma and mum go to Pudu market in the morning. We have an old wooden mould which my grandma passed down to my mum, but I've never seen it in action, so I decided to put it into some good use.

The recipe I used was from Nasi Lemak Lover and Reese Kitchen.

They are simple to make but pretty time consuming. Of the filling made, I still have half left, so I will be making this again.


My adaptions:

Soaked mung beans for 1 1/2 hours and steamed it for 50 minutes (Although I think it was done at 30-35 minutes mark). Be wary to add more hot water as you are steaming!

Water for the glutinous rice dough was not measured. Did it the agak-agak (to estimate) way.

15g mung bean ball, 40g sweet potato glutinous rice ball.

Instead of greasing the wooden mould, I dusted it with glutinous rice flour and knocked the excess out.

Place unsteamed kuih on greased foil. Greasing baking paper does not work, the base will stick to the paper.

After steaming brush the kuih with some vegetable oil to prevent it from sticking/drying.

Made 15 turtles and 1 super mini one.