28 Nov 2011

oh honey honey

I saw this tweet on my feed this morning and noticed there were only five weeks left in the year. Instantly, I asked myself, what had I done this past year. It seems a long time ago but I can still remember the days of laughter and yelling with my sister, MC and four monkeys over our summer break. Wii battles with aching hands and feet and throats sore from yelling. MC's "dancing" were recorded are still laughed at today.

I contributed (just a little) to the Tohoku earthquake charity organised by a friend. It was a windy day and rained a bit, but it made my day that people came to support by contributing what they had. Children donating their pocket money and many enjoying the fresh brew and baked goods.   

Making my first batch of croissants (the frustration!) and appreciating art made with food scraps. Oh, and spending lots of time cramped in a tiny car for photography camp! It was worth it though as I reached the peak of Mt. Buffalo, saw spectacular scenery and met great people.

What summer brings this time round I can only wonder. But I can foresee many serves of french toast now that I found a yummier way to prepare them. Must remember to finish going through dad's amazing collection of CD's from the 80s and 90s as well! My all time favourite is and forever will be Elton John's Love Songs followed by Jorge Rico's Magic of the Panpipes series.  

15 Nov 2011

butter fingers

My camera has been gathering dust and will go moldy if I don't use it! I have disappeared off to Animal Village and somewhat studying for my exams. My last exam concludes before the end of the week and so I have started to take baking trays out of the box.

The recipe originates from LCB Biscuits but it was a bit soft for my liking. I used the same recipe to make four batches of these cookies (not on the same day!), changing the flour quantities each time. I found the addition of corn flour makes the finished cookie firmer and slightly crunchier. However, too much and the texture becomes too sandy for my liking. The recipe notes show my experiments so feel free to adjust to your preferences.

I dipped my previous batch in melted dark chocolate and they were quite good. If you are in Melbourne, make sure to eat them quickly or the chocolate starts to melt and becomes bleh.