9 Apr 2011

footscray jumble sale

I don't know if anyone caught my tweet or Norica's (Japanese tweet) last week, that we'd be at Footscray Primary School participating in the fundraising for Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami. Despite the cold and windy weather, it was good to see lots of people coming to participate in the event and enjoy Fairtrade coffee and tea.

During the jumble sale, we had three stalls donating all their proceeds to the Japan relief. In the end, the cake stall, pot plant stand and Norica and friend's origami workshop raised a total of over $1000! To be exact, $1250.85! Despite not doing much at the event, I was happy I was able to contribute in some way by baking some chocolate muffins (using Nigella Lawson's recipe) and doing some photography over the day.

I was also able to meet a handful of people whom I talked to sometime during the day, one of them even completed the same degree in the same university as the one I'm studying now!

Many thanks to the parents who donated home baked goods, the mothers who helped with the origami workshop and the lovely girls (below) who volunteered to run the pot plant stand. And a BIG thank you to Norica of Burning Books for inviting me to this event :)

If you guys have time, please hope over to Norica's blog to check out her post (in Japanese).