9 Jun 2011

pulp fiction by chaco kato

Quick post before I go back to studying!

I read Nobika's tweet about her friend's exhibit a while ago and I've been meaning to go. I had some time after my first exam so I went with Iris (my lunch break friend turned good friend) to check it out. Since it wasn't very far, we braved the cold and walked there from the exam hall.  

We found it really fascinating and interesting that Chaco Kato's exhibit was environmentally friendly and the majority of the models used food items! Made from dried out melon husks, orange peels, passion fruit shells, stone fruit seeds, rice, shiitake mushrooms, herbs, all we were thinking was about food haha!   

The exhibit closes on June 11, so if you are in the metropolitian Melbourne area, please do check it out!

More information can be found at:
  • Craft Victoria (Lily Feng's photos of the exhibit are much better than mine, so do look at those too)
  • The Age - featuring a feature article on Chaco Kato and her exhibit