22 Apr 2012

saturday's child

Of my friends, I would say M resembles me the most. I guess that is why we still remain good friends, despite refusing to join her in the Korean pop culture and facebook revolution. We aren't able to talk regularly online and see each other often but we always have  much to talk and laugh about when we get to see each other. My personality isn't as energetic and cheerful as hers but, I love how she has a big, cheerful smile every time I see her, without fail.   

Saturday reminds me of the crazy stuff when we used to do when we studied together a few years back. I wish her the best in the VCE studies and hope she attends the same university as me next year.  

Last photo taken by my friend M (thank you!) Post-editing inspired by the boys behind Backseat Ballads (check out their blog - inspirational adventures, nostalgic music and beautiful scenic photography).

P.S. I've been talking to Ting-Ting via flickr mail for some time now and I thank her for drawing me a picture for my birthday! She is a kind and creative artist whom I want to meet in the future. Do check out her blog,  nap-pan for more snippets of doodles, illustrations and photographs.

13 Apr 2012

on syrups

Maple syrup and pecans, another one of those golden combinations. For me, I feel it is perfect for a warm autumn morning. 

Recently, there has been much syrup business going on in the kitchen. Sticky, sweet and perhaps, an addiction. Nope, there definitely is one. Mrs. Roddick regrets the day she put maple flavoured syrup (that's right, the fake stuff) on my ice cream. But I thank her for rekindling my love for it. There is much debate on whether to use the real maple syrup or the artificial one. But I think both are equally delicious on pancakes. Just make sure to use the real thing when baking them with bacon or else, says she. 

It almost feels like a quiet weekend today, which will be sure to come tomorrow. Classes resumes on Monday marking the end of break.

It has been delightful to be able to slow down.

10 Apr 2012

old soul

A seemingly cold morning. Frying a batch of lemon and poppy seed pancakes* whilst running to the record player to press the play button only to dash back to the stove to flip the pancakes.   

Much to my sister's dismay, Michael Bolton's "The Hunger" (both sides), was on constant repeat for half the day. And what I thought was a record from Laura Branigan, turned out to be 60s mix of American love songs which I thought sounded strangely familiar. Judging by the ripped plastic sleeve, I most likely man-handled the record in my childhood.

Seeded out the box of full of records ranging from the 60s to the 80s. Putting several back into their sleeves before dusting some off to listen to. It's amazing how small and how many songs a CD can fit compared to a record. But I think it's pretty neat how records are flipped for a different set of songs. 

*Use your regular pancake recipe. Mix in rind of and juice (top up with milk and stir) of one small lemon and 1 tsp of poppy seeds. For syrup, simmer 1 Tb of honey and caster sugar with juice of one small lemon until sugar melts and is thickened.