7 Jan 2010

南天寺 - nan tien temple

Main entrance

The last stop in Sydney was to pay a visit to Nan Tien Temple which is located on top of a hill in Wollongong. We planned to visit this during our way to Sydney, however rainy weather delayed us from going.

View from the top of the main entrance

This is by far the most impressive temple I've seen in my life! The size of it is just remarkable. Statues, decorations, size was very outstanding compared to the one I frequent.

做好事,说好话,存好心; Do good things, Speak good words, Think good thoughts. Beyond the Realm of Conscience much?

Incense pot in front of the main entrance

Main Shrine

Everything is so neat and orderly. It's a really spiritual and relaxing place to be in.

Pagoda (reminds me of La Zha and Monkey King)

A temple which has some what turned into a tourist attraction. There were quite a far few foreigners and some even walking their dogs!

We only stayed for around half an hour to look around and take photos. Other than that we went to pray and headed home.

This brings an end to my holiday in Sydney :) Hope you enjoyed the mass photo posts.

For more information, please visit Nan Tien Temple's website.