14 Jan 2010

konnyaku jelly on a 43 degree day

Mission: Retrieve konnyaku jelly and shoot down the sun.

It's been hot...too hot for the past few days (it's cooled down now :D). Even so, the heat doesn't really stop me from venturing in the kitchen nor does it stop Eira from gaming in his 35 degree Celsius room. Call me crazy, but my hobby really doesn't get affected by the heat.

The other day I went to sleep in a sofa downstairs and I was deciding what to make, konnyaku or agar agar. Because I thought konnyaku was going to be faster than making agar agar, I decided to make konnyaku. After all, it only needs 10 minutes of stirring over high heat and 5 minutes of stirring over low heat. 15 minutes of hell.

Well it should be faster than boiling 2.5 litres of water. Konnyaku only has approximately 1.5 litres of water after mixing water with the jelly powder. Cooking instinct :P

Konnyaku jelly retrieved..now to shoot down the sun for good

The jelly set in no time and the next problem was fridge space. You see, one third of the fridge is occupied by water and the rest full of vegetables, defrosting meat, leftover dinners etc. So clearing space took more time, but I enjoyed the cool breeze on my face.

Shooting down the sun is impossible unless you're Houyi

Konnyaku is available at all good Asian stores in Melbourne. I've seen some on sale for about $3.50. If you can't find any, I suggest you ask a friend in Malaysia to send you some. If you have never eaten konnyaku before, it's like chewy jelly kinda like gummi. Tastes nothing like Aeroplane jelly.

Very, very, very HOT!