2 Jan 2010

manly wharf

Another must do whilst travelling in Sydney is catching a ferry from Darling Harbour to Manly Wharf. We went on a weekend, so the ferry ticket was only $2.50. The previous post had many photos on the scenery, so I refrained from posting more up.

A very tourist-y place, there were lots of ice cream shops, souvenirs, selected retail outlets, restaurants and a supermarket.

Although it was an overcast, slightly rainy day, many ladies were bikini clad, there were half naked guys, surfers and body boarders.

And because, my family are the most boring-est people ever, we ended up eating Nando's. Luckily there were no seagulls to steal my chips!

On the way to Manly Wharf, I enjoyed my dorayaki for dessert. I accidentally forgot to change the camera mode from landscape to auto, that's why the scenery is much clearer than the dorayaki.

The dorayaki was filled with anko and chestnuts. It was very sweet :)

This dog was funny, it looked up when I pointed the camera at it and drooped it's head when I walked off.

I like this sign XD

Ben and Jerry's ice creams

The trip to Manly concluded with scoops of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Everyone was disappointed with the results of the bland ice cream. Should've went to Movenpick instead.