30 Nov 2009

sweet treats

A mix of apples brought home...yet again. This time there were 2 baskets full, but thankfully my mum gave one basket away. I was so relieved I didn't have to eat apples for a whole month! And to avoid eating raw apples, I made more apple pie. This time I couldn't be bothered making my own pastry, so I used store bought puff pastry. I don't think I am ever going to make puff pastry from scratch...too much work!

I found this apple pie photo on Cookpad last night and decided to shape my apple pie like that. Followed the same recipe for the filling only made some slight adjustments since my dad wants sugar free bakes and my mum complained about the apples not being soft enough and was a bit on the dry side. I found it okay though. This time round, the apples still have a slight sour tinge which can be fixed with a dusting of icing sugar/ a drizzle of honey or sweetened whipped cream and the apples actually have a sticky sauce.

Baked 2 large ones and 4 mini ones. Pictured is mini sized.

Apple filling within a golden crisp pastry
Raspberry and lemon friands - before baking

Also decided to try my hands on friands. They are basically light cakes traditionally made from egg whites, icing sugar, almond meal, flour and melted butter. You can top them with berries etc.
Had a bit of apple filling left so I put it on the friands. The result way better than the raspberry ones!

They are pale yellow/white in colour since no egg yolks are used.

Look what happened!