12 Nov 2009

procastination is the key

Right now, I am supposed to be doing my school work and revision for the upcoming exams. But playing mini games, reading manga and being hungry doesn't really help. Just went to stock up on food at Coles and my all time favourite yogurt was on sale.

Actually I am beginning to get sick of junk food. Currently my consumption of fast food is rated rare. Although the temptation of it really kills. I guess I can improve my nooby cooking skills when making lunch on a weekend afternoon. But the things I won't give up on include, chocolate, cookies and cakes. And to prove this, I scoffed down a whole lot of chocolate, ask anyone in my maths class ;) After all, if I give them up, how am I going to improve on my baking skills.

Anyway Cookie was like to me for the past few days "Cook something you lazy ass so your viewers (implying himself) can see it. It's not hot today so you better cook something!" Well, it was still hot today, in the afternoon anyway. And when it's hot I just can't be bothered doing anything especially if you want me to turn on the oven.

Gippsland Dairy yogurt; Mango and Passionfruit Twist, $5.50 @ Coles

Well, it has cooled down during the evening so I decided to do something related to food. Not actually cook anything, but rather segment the orange which was sitting in the fridge and add a dollop of thick yogurt on top. Rather nice evening snack, a shame the orange tasted kinda bitter.

Well whether it's hot or cold tomorrow, I will have to bake something for Saturday, as a commemoration of the last day of Chinese school for the rest of my life. Hopefully it's not hot.

Doodie's and MR PIE's biology rat dissection. Not for the faint hearted.