23 Nov 2009

apple pie

9 shiny apples ready to serve their duty...to be eaten!

Recently lugged back a whole bag full of pink lady apples from the market. I personally HATE eating apples (it has a slight sweet taste followed by chewing a paper like texture thing) but I don't mind eating cooked apples because it's softer and has more flavour.

So I practically spent the majority of my day off preparing the pastry dough and pie apple for this apple pie. The pastry was particular easy to work with. Despite slightly breaking since I rolled the pastry skin thinly, it wasn't sticky and took my time with it. Perhaps it was the cool weather?

Whipping cream by hand ain't that hard

I liked the pastry, it was crumbly to the touch and the wholemeal flour gave it a different texture (and yer it was good!)

Cinnamon apple and plump sultanas wrapped in a crumbly pastry