12 Mar 2010

happy burp day

The last few minutes of lunch time caught me by surprise. Doodie and Mrs.Roddick came back from their daily lunch trip and brought back a box of...cake!

Along with Murasaki, Doodie, Mrs Roddick and most of her "clan" the E.T. (Easy Targets) Clan sang me a very heartfelt birthday song as I blew out the candles :) I was very touched!

Chocolate mousse cake

Eeeek! Excuse the chipped off part of the cake, I fail in cutting cakes!

Unfortunately, we couldn't cut the cake as there was no knife set and the bell was going to ring any moment. It would've been nice to share a cake with friends :D

The cake was really yummy and the mousse was light and creamy. I'm just glad it didn't go off in the heat.

Thank you very much for the yummy cake!!! orz

The day went by better than alright. Birthday wishes throughout the whole day and most importantly, a passing mark on my further maths test (which raises my average to a pass)!

Dropped by at Burning Books after school to FINALLY pick up the book I had reserved last month. Received a discount which was good and placed an order for the two newer volumes for 「メイちゃんの執事」getting a new set of manga too「よつばと!」. If you've never read あずまきよひこ の「よつばと!」you are missing out BIG TIME!

Happy 17th Burp Birthday Day to me! :)