19 Mar 2010

what's in the bag?

Hehe! The bag is so cute already! Spent the whole day staring at it :D

Guess who received a bag full of goodies from Murasaki and Sars today. Me! :)

We met because of our stupidity; forgetting to bring our normal school uniform to change back from P.E class in year seven. We were so paranoid of getting detention back then! Although you didn't keep to this year's new year's resolution, have constant back/stomach/knee/leg cramps and pains when the lunch bell rings and make weird nicknames for the guys, thank you for being a great friend/ stalker companion. :-D

Sars on the other hand. Hrm I reckon our "goody-goody" nature bonded us together. I've seen you change from the extremely quiet girl in primary to the more open and pink-obsessed you now :) It's so great you not so quiet anymore, it was hard to communicate! You'll kill me for typing this (but since you haven't made an account, you won't see this...yet) but I'll always remember you as the nerd running happily in the library XD (even though you did see us in there).

And both of you, stop stressing :-D You can do that at the end of the year ;)

Goodies I received! Thank you very much :)

Friendship Voodoo! I'm the orange one (^___^)

"we are bonded by a metal thingy" So it seems out friendship is indeed bonded by a "metal thingy" and a green string and a leaf thing. "Extra strength!"

500 cupcakes!

You are so getting those cookies and cream cupcakes :) Come over during the next holidays and we can watch Ponyo too :) Sars wants cheesecake, definitely!

Kazuna "true friend" Kimmidoll keyring

Did you get yourself a matching purple/pink one?

Thank you very much Murasaki and Sars for the presents :-D I can't wait to dig around the garden for your present Murasaki XD Plastic pot alright yer? Hehe.