28 Feb 2010

1 dough 4 flavours

I've become very lazy or maybe exhausted from school? Friday afternoon I came home early with an intention to make some cake but I didn't. I made some pizza instead.

Borrowed this Taiwanese pizza recipe book from the library and tried to make a pizza dough. My Chinese skills aren't that great, so I after I guessed what the ingredients were, I followed the picture instructions on the page instead. The water I used was most likely too hot, so I guess I killed the yeast...thus why the crust is so flat.

Didn't stop by at Coles for some pizza ingredients, so I just made use of what I had at home.

Teriyaki chicken pizza

When I told my sister and dad I was making teriyaki chicken pizza, they cringed and gave me the most memorable expression ever. I wished I'd taken a photo after all, it lasts longer.

The flavour was alright, but the sauce was a bit strong for my liking.

Japanese curry beef pizza

Had some leftover curry from my uncle's place and I decided to use some for experiments sake. There was a mix of celery, potatoes, carrot and tender beef chunks. I really didn't think this one would work out as the fat of the curry was already seeping to the sides.

Fortunately for me, this pizza was the best of the four I made. Who knew curry and pizza were a match made in heaven.

Probably can't buy this anywhere in Australia XD Maybe it's a regular flavour in Japan?

Breakfast special pizza

As my sister and dad were already calling me crazy when I was making the first two, I decided to make a "normal" flavoured one. I had leftover frankfurters, pizza sauce and pineapple in the fridge so I just chucked everything in. I thought the eggs would taste rubbery, but it turned out great.

By the time this came out of the oven, the sun had already gone down :(

The last pizza was just cheese and more cheese. It looked really boring and wasn't as innovative as the other three, so I didn't take a photo. Besides the natural light had all gone and I am not a big fan of using flash in photography.