17 Feb 2010

university camp

My room

Earlier last week, the Year 12's in my school participated in the compulsory camp at University College near University of Melbourne. Apparently the camp was branded "life experience" I don't think it was...


Met up at UC at 0900 where we were went through the whole process of a welcome speech, room arrangements and unpacking. At around 10 we left for Princess Park to do sport activities which was very annoying as it was a hot day. As you can imagine, most of us were complaining and exhausted after 1 hour of exercise.

Day 1 Lunch - Pizza

Cleaned up ourselves when we returned to UC and headed to the dining hall for lunch. Pizza was served and I quite enjoyed it. I liked the pizza crust, it was soft :)

Reminds me of Sir Thomas More (A Man For All Seasons)

After our lunch break we had another place to go to! - University of Melbourne. We had a lecture and tour which was kinda repetitive as we had something similar the past year.

Something I was always curious about University of Melbourne was answered in the lecture though. I've heard that graduates from top universities in the states are guaranteed employment. Well, the theory applied to my cousin Yumi, who is a graduate from Univeristy of Sydney. Apparently UoM has a 4 out of 5 graduate employment rate.

Pretty good. I'm gonna work hard to get into their Arts course! I don't want to be travelling too far away from home.

Our dorm is behind Ormond College (the castle looking building in the back)

Returned for some free time and a motivational speech from Lorin Nicholson (The Blind Guitarist). He was pretty inspriring and played some awesome music :D

Day 1 Dinner - Fish and vegetables

We had a choice for dinner and it was either roast lamb or some kind of fish. Apparently the lamb turned out to be beef!

Dinner turned out to be interesting watching A stop Mrs. Roddick sprinkling salt on her potatoes. You'd stop her too if you saw how much she sprinkled on XD

Peach and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

To me, crumbles look pretty disgusting and gross, but after hesitation I decided to get just some. I really like it and it paired up well with vanilla ice cream.

Another motivational speech by an interesting guy, Archie Fusillo. He was pretty intersting like last year's accounting teacher, he used language that clicked well with people our age, which made it fun. Humour helped.

We watched a film that gave us background information about Maestro but I didn't get the movie. I also found it too bloody and violent. Not an ideal movie to watch at night.

Had a good night's sleep but I was concerned about the brown patches on the linen on my bed. Not an attractive sight.

Day 2 Breakfast - Apple and custard danish, apricot yoghurt, peanut butter toast, orange juice
Day 2 started off with a very sweet breakfast :) I didn't want eggs and tomato so I got all these sweet foods instead :) Breakfast was great!

Had a workshop regarding Maestro and I was near falling asleep as the guy talking was really droning and I thought he went off topic too much.

Outside the dorm area

Day 2 Lunch - Burger

Everyone clapped exceptionally loud when the lecturer finished the speech and we rushed to the dining room for lunch. The burger was tasty, but because of it's size I had trouble eating it. I ended up cutting the burger in pieces.

After lunch was more repetitive lectures and workshops which ended at around 1500 where we were dismissed and left UC for home.

And here are the interesting things you find in rooms:

This was in my room

And lucky Murasaki had a fan in her room!
We loved it especially after the sport activites on Day 1

Home will always be the best place in the world!