12 Oct 2013

dreaming of butter

Feels like forever since I've baked a cake, but it was just last week since I baked an assam tea chiffon cake. But to justify, it's been ages since I've used an entire block of butter for something. These days it's bread and some other things. When dreaming of having slices of butter cake during class, it was time to whip out the butter again.

I've been receiving some homegrown lemons from my uncle's aunt's tree these days. Not to waste the peel and juice, I've been making lemon curd and lemon curd muffins for tea. This time some lemon drizzle cake, adapted from my auntie's butter cake. Instead of adding more sugar into the syrup, I added some homemade citrus cordial we bought from the Morrisons of Glenrowan during summer. Moist, buttery and full of lemon. Mmm.

Oh ya, we got a labrador puppy. His name is Bobby and you can read the antics he gets up to over here. He nips at my shoes and pajamas too much.