16 Oct 2013

chocolate raspberry

Multi-component desserts is a lot of work, but it is also very fun since there are many basic techniques required in the recipe itself. I was scrolling through cakechef the other day and decided that Koji Yamamoto's IMPEC would be easy to make. Initially, I was going to make half and finish the rest the next day, but I finished the first bit earlier than expected so I made the rest. Taste wise, I liked the chocolate almond sponge and the chocolate creme, but I'm unsure of the vanilla diplomat cream. My mum thought the raspberry gelee was too sour and ruined the cake, but it was kind of bland and lacking in flavour to me. I would have liked more raspberry kick.

Things I did different was straining out the seeds for the raspberry gelee (maybe that's why the gelee was bland?), making a chocolate ganache glaze instead of the chocolate glacage and garnished with cocoa nibs instead. It was fun experience though and I took lots away from it. I need more work with the glazing though.

I scaled down certain parts of the recipe (half portion of the: gelee framboise pepin, diplomate vanille, creme chocolat; 1:1 ratio of sugar and water for the syrup) and made a 18x18cm cake. 

Components in composition order:
Chocolate almond sponge, sugar syrup, raspberry gelee, vanilla diplomat cream, chocolate almond sponge, sugar syrup, chocolate cream (mousse?), dark chocolate ganache, cocoa nibs (garnish).

Edit: It tastes so much better when left in the fridge for 24 hours!