1 Jun 2013

pancake flipper

The last day of semester one concluded with an oral exam. It was nice being able to catch up with my friends and a few classmates whom I didn't have a chance to talk to during the semester. Somehow, the awkwardness just disappears on the last day. A fair few of us are in our final year and topics included things we wanted to do after graduation and if we were ready for exams. Of course, the "omg, you don't have a facebook?!" debacle was brought up once again. Unlike previous years, I have a few friends graduating in the coming months and it'll be a little bit sad knowing I won't see them in class next semester. Nevertheless, all the best! 

I still have three, two thousand word essays to write and an exam to study for, but the end of semester one calls for a little celebration with a tower of pancakes! I usually use my recipe for pancakes, but I wanted to give Rose Carrarini's ricotta pancakes in Breakfast Lunch Tea, another go. I made it a couple? of years ago and it didn't really work out. I must have done something wrong then because they were excellent this time round! 

The only adjustments I made was using packaged ricotta cheese as opposed to using the ones from the deli and adding 50g more ricotta since I didn't want to leave a bit rotting away in the fridge. Both recipes yield almost the same results, so maybe I'll just leave these for special occasions.

There's another version of these pancakes in Rose Carrarini's new cookbook How to Boil an Egg and you can find them over here

Happy flipping!