6 Jun 2013

oeufs en cocotte

We recently bought this Spanish style spice grinder at Aldi and I've been using it to season eggs and roast potatoes at home. Both smell and taste amazing when they are combined effortlessly in a cocotte. Traditionally, cream is added into the dish, but I don't think it's worth going out to get a pot of cream when you only need a spoonful at most.

From experiment, the yolk sets but is still runny at around the 10 minute mark, but the whites will take another 3-5 minutes to set. At around the 17-20 minute mark, the yolk is fully cooked through. Alternatively, open your oven door constantly to check.

I tried making a non-spicy version of mapo tofu for dinner last night and as usual, my seasoning is always on the bland side. I'll definitely be more generous with the seasoning next time!

On a non-food related note, the Dumb Ways to Die app is pretty fun. Great for procrastination. No Candy Crush nonsense here (hah!).

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Oeufs en Cocotte (baked eggs)     serves 2

2 handfuls of baby spinach, washed and drained
1/2 chorizo, sliced into 8 pieces
1 small potato, peeled and diced
1/2 tomato, de-seeded (if you like) and sliced
2 large eggs
Spanish spice or sea salt and black pepper
coriander, for garnish (optional)

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees celcius. Lightly grease two cocottes*. 

Blanch spinach, squeeze dry and set aside. Cook chorizo on a non-stick pan until browned on both sides, remove and add the potato cubes. Fry until they are soft in the middle and season generously with Spanish spice or salt and black pepper.

Divide spinach, chorizo, potato and tomato equally among the cocottes and crack an egg into each one. Cover** cocottes and bake until the egg is to your liking (see above for cooking time notes). 

Season with Spanish spice or black pepper and garnish with a leaf of coriander before serving with a slice of toast.

*If you don't have a cocotte, use a ramekin and cover with foil.
** The first time I made these (baked in a tomato!) the yolk started to cook faster than the whites, therefore I recommend covering the cocotte with the lid.