8 Jan 2013

prom country

A Happy New Year Folks!

Over the post-Christmas pre-New Year holiday, our family went on two road trips around the state. Glenrowan, home to the infamous Ned Kelly siege site and Wilsons Promontory. Too many road kill spotted on the way to Glenrowan and we nearly crashed into a jumping wallaby on our way back from WP. Phew. 

The weather forecast wasn't so great on the day we went to WP compared to the 30 degree weather we had going to Glenrowan. It was an overcast day with wind and it started to drizzle at around 7AM going on/off throughout the day.

A park ranger said it wasn't a good day to hike up Mt. Oberon (3.4 km), but we did anyway, walking back downhill after 20 minutes when it started to drizzle again. Maybe next time.

My favourite part of the WP trip was definitely passing through the dairy paddocks. I would've took more photos of them, but there was this one cow who was pretty aggressive and looked like it wanted to knock the fence down...

And I finally made a video (which was one of the things I wanted to do last year)!

Stops made along WP: 
Tidal River, Norman Beach, Mt. Oberon, Squeaky Beach (the sand really squeaks!), Picnic Bay, Sandy Point, various observation points along Promontory Road