19 Jan 2013

baristas at work

The coffee machines whizz, whir and shurrr non-stop. 
The baristas work so quick, it's like a blur. 

Freshly ground roasted coffee beans are pressed into a filter. With a little bang and a tap, it's popped back into the machine waiting for hot water to pass through into the cup. The cup is tilted slightly whilst frothed milk is poured in slowly to the brim, forming a delicate leaf in the process.

Pour over coffee on the other hand is a bit slower. Using the beautiful Hario Buono, a kettle with a long, slender spout, hot water is slowly poured round and round the ground coffee in a ceramic cup funnel lined with a paper filter. The liquid gold drips into a warmed jug below; to be poured into another cup. Would you like yours with a teaspoon of sugar?

The smell of coffee is quite intoxicating but, my taste buds haven't learnt to appreciate the taste of coffee just yet. Nevertheless, it was quite interesting observing the baristas do their thing up close. Looking back at these photos taken in May last year, maybe I'll try some coffee again when I'm ready. After all, it'll be a waste not to drink coffee in Melbourne. 

Until then, I'd like to go back and try their cascara tea.  

● ● ●

Market Lane Coffee
Shop 13 Prahan Market
163 Commercial Road, South Yarra 3141
(03) 9804 7434