2 Feb 2012

tell her i made cake

I can't believe how fast the first month of the year passed by! One evening I was sipping teh ais and eating sate ayam in a mamak store in Kajang and the next thing you know, I was plane bound back to my humble abode.

After figuring out where things were located in my grandma's kitchen (sugar and flour were under her gardening hat!), I found myself in a pickle when I went home to mine. I must have walked in and out of the pantry quite a few times just to find some flour!

She acquired one of those fancy thermomixers and used it like a blender for her lui cha (blends faster she says). Following the recipe book, I started making batches of steamed buns and lemonade. I made stir fry ginger garlic chicken too, but we thought that stir frying it with a wok would be more efficient and tasty. Too many things to wash too.

Before flying there, I asked if she could teach me how to make a sponge cake after my many failures (really!). In the end we ended up consulting the thermomix recipe book and taught me the correct technique to fold the flour in. The sponge rose a great deal in the oven, but we came to a conclusion that it was rather dry. It was time to look for a different recipe.

The recipe which I currently use can be found on this blog post.