9 Feb 2012

did you make a wish?

Earlier in the week, a little celebratory lunch with Leia. It was supposed to be for her graduating and admission into university, but we were busy year end and I was overseas during January. A simple full course lunch was postponed until her birthday week.

I was actually kind of worried when she told me she was not really into eating sweet food. But what is a birthday without a cake? In the end we still wanted cake. I made a basic strawberry shortcake with honey whipped cream. I tried to make it like the ones we were used to seeing in manga and anime but my frosting still needs a lot more improvement! I asked her to bring her beloved Fiddy earlier and after she gave him a bath, we completed it with a generic "happy birthday" sign and a blue candle.

A series of dialogue before we lit and cut the cake. 

Leia: Are you going to light the candle because I'm scared of lighting matches.
Grub: Hahaha, I was going to ask you to do it!

Leia: *blows candle out*
Grub: Did you make a wish?
Leia: Umm...no? (´・ω・`)
Grub: *lights candle again* DO IT AGAIN!! (`Д´)9

I'm glad she was able to eat it and even asked more more!
I hope you have a great birthday my friend! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ