1 Jan 2011

twenty eleven

For those who commented in the previous post, thank you for taking the time to do so :)

Like every other year, the new year starts off with a bang! Fortunately for me this year, there were people lighting fireworks on my street, so I was able to capture some interesting shots. Couldn't see the ones from the city that much this year from the balcony :(

I never knew shooting fireworks was so difficult. Thing is, you have to be fast and focus in the dark.

I had my Nikon on the tripod attached with the 55-200mm lens with manual focusing and had lief92's Mamiya film camera around my neck. While the shutter was going off, I was busy winding the film like crazy! Hopefully when developed, they turn out ok.

Too bad the digital shots didn't turn out that well, there were many blank shots or fireworks that were too much on the side (therefore the necessity to crop). But, there's always next year to further improve my skills.

Thank you for reading in 2010. Looking forward to bring more food and photos in the new year :)