16 May 2010

weekend bake & school project

Heh. This is what happens when you substitute non stick baking paper with grease proof paper. Nevertheless, they were picture perfect somewhat well baked choux shells without the bottoms.

Oh well, at least I won't need to use the piping bag :D Plus I have a fair few frozen choux left.


Went to see "Top Designs" yesterday and checked out the pro food folios. I have some what of an idea of the folio work outline and have already chosen my theme; a pumpkin festival and 8 dishes that I'd like to make.
  • pumpkin soup
  • carrot bread with walnuts
  • roast seasonal vegetables with roast meat
  • browned butter pumpkin pasta
  • pumpkin pie with brown sugar and walnuts
  • pumpkin cupcakes with frosting
  • pumpkin cream cake
  • pumpkin butter with fruity pepita granola

Haven't finalised the list yet. Any ideas or thoughts?