26 Dec 2009

i'm in sydney

Unfortunately I did not get to take photos every thirty minutes because it was either too dark or there was nothing to take photos of since we were on the highway for the whole 10 hour trip. I only got a chance to take photos during the stops every two hours at the local cafes and stations.

First stop: Mokoan Rest Area

Second stop: Caltex petrol station

Mini wind mill in front of the petrol station

Some statue

Some random dog that caught my attention

The stray cat in my cousin's house

Everyone in my cousin's house are very lively and the rooms are huge! Everything seems to be imported from Japan too. Even the toilet is from Japan! You know the ones with the bum washer and toilet seat warmer...lots of functions. There's also Japanese snacks in every single corner of the house! This I am not kidding you.

And hah! One of my cousins are so tall XD Even taller than Thangstahh! For some strange reason, he looks like the iPod guy... Even my cousins agree XD But Jun doesn't seem to think the same!

HAHAHAHAHA Just had a lol moment.

Yumi was talking about how she was in love with Twilight and when she was up to "I'm so in love with..." when Jun walks past and says "with me?" and a bunch of dialogue about incest and nightmares XD