6 Jul 2009

pokemon trio :)

Today, I went out with my two close friends which I have know them since kindergarten (Thangstahh) and primary (Eira). Heolin was supposed to come but she had urgent business so she ditched me with the guys Dx Unfortunate, but the outing was AWESOME!! (Too bad you couldn't come Heolin...it was REALLY fun :) <- trying to make someone jealous xP).

The day was supposed to start off at 11:30 under the big clock in MC. Eira and I both came early so we just walked into Borders reading stuff and trying to hide from Thangstah xD meh...but he found us pretty fast! Proceeded to a range of newsagents and Officeworks to find a special exercise book for Thangstahh but no luck :(

Around noon we went to Dessert House (the one outside MC) for lunch. Discovered Pancake Dessert House (the one in Mid City Arcade) and Dessert House was from the same company. I ate baked tomato chicken fillet with rice and had a ice cream red bean drink (with no ice cream...because the staff forgot to put the ice cream); Eira had char kway teow with ice coffee; Thangstahh had Portuguese spaghetti with ice lemon tea. I thought the meals were pretty affordable totalling around $34 and of course we paid in "AA style" (meaning you each pay for your own meal) xD.

Later we caught the tram to Southern Cross and walked over to Crown for Galactic Circus. It was a long walk... The guys played 2 rounds of pool and won a game each Thangstahh won both games (hehe just remembered xP). I was just there looking at them play, although I did play a bit...noob style. Note: I don't know if it was dark and Eira couldn't see or what, but he hit the coloured ball instead of the white ball xDD making the Thangstahh and I laugh like crazy xDDD

After pool, we decided to play the other machines in Galactic Circus. We had 24 credits from Thangstahh's card which we used up on air hockey, spinning wheel and the claw machine - winning Piplup (the blue penguin pokemon). And because Thangstahh had a whole wallet full of vouchers, we chipped in $5 each for a new card which gave us double the amount of credits. So we had 30 more credits :D Used them for Mario Kart racing, more spinning wheels, the bowling game and this shooting game where I pwded the guys xD BWAHAHAH!!

Spent the remaining credits on the claw machine, winning Aipom (the purple monkey) and Turtwig (the turtle with a leaf on its head). The claw machine was epic xD We had one person on each side watching the claw's position. Yup, the 'journey' of 'catching Pokemon' was challenging but rewarding. We went CRAZY when the Pokemon fell in the chute; screaming and Hi 5-ing. In the end we all picked up a Pokemon and brought it home. It is now our symbol of 'hard work' and friendship and also represents out height :) After using up all the credits we left for a drink and departed.

Piplup - Thangstahh
Aipom - Eira
Turtwig - Grub (mine!!) I know my pokemon :)

Also went to a anime store that Eira brought us to (in which took us forever to find when there were gigantic posters in the window just right behind us). There was lots of anime goods and CHEAP manga. I bought volume 8 of Vampire Knight for $14 which is cheaper than the RRP and Borders (in which they have no stock and is more expensive).

Here's the address and contact information:
...your hidden Anime shop (yep it was really hidden)

705/258 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Level 7, Corner of Swanston and Little Bourke Street
PH: 96543210

click for their eBay store

And here's this years Amaranth post card. So pretty but I like last year's one better (^_^)

Overall a VERY fun, yet exhausting day out :)