12 Jan 2016

sourdough waffles

I've been trying to knock out a few things these holidays and baking sourdough bread has been one of them. I've been using Eric Kayser's The Larousse Book of Bread and instructions have been quite easy to follow. Still need a lot of practice overall but especially in shaping the dough. I use a bread machine to do the initial knead and bulk fermentation (first prove) and finish by hand. 

Kayser uses a three day feed process and to prevent the starter from amassing and wasting discard I've been finding ways on how to use it. Pancakes and waffles seem to be very popular.

These were meant to be pancakes but despite cooking them on the lowest heat possible they were quite doughy in the middle so I cooked the remaining batter in the waffle maker instead. The waffle produced was crispy and tangy.

I don't think it's quite perfect yet. To be revisited. Notes at the bottom for future reference / if you are interested.

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sourdough waffles     makes 5
adapted from completely delicious

200ml water
35g milk powder
155g flour
118g unfed sourdough starter
20ml cooking oil
1/2 tsp salt
30g brown sugar

Mix. Overnight fermentation (1605 - 1000). Use bigger bowl as batter will rise.

1 large egg
1 tsp baking powder

Add. Cook.