4 Jul 2014

grandma's kitchen

① Indoor kitchen
② Cleaning fish
③ Frying stuffed eggplant
④ Snake (long) bean omelette  
⑤ Stir fried amaranth 
⑥ Stir fried amaranth
⑦ Stir frying dried shrimp and belachan
⑧ Stir fried okra (lady fingers) with dried shrimp and belachan
Rempah (spice paste) for acar (spicy pickled vegetables)
⑩ Vegetables ready for pickling
⑪ Mixing the cooled rempah with the vegetables
⑫ Pumpkin and red bean / pandan coconut bao (steamed buns)
Huat gao (steamed cake) made with sponge mix
Huat gao (steamed rice cake) made as offerings for the Gods and my grandpa