6 Jan 2014


I made a little list of the things I wanted to cook/bake this week and it's currently stuck on the fridge as a constant reminder. One of them is a sausage patty that tastes like the one in the sausage egg McMuffin. I remember reading this forum about a potential recipe and just worked from there. Apparently the ones in Australia are primarily made from beef, whereas the ones in the US and UK are made from pork. 

I combined the best of both worlds and used both beef and pork. Seasoning wise, my not-so-secret "11 herbs and spices" consists of ground: paprika, nutmeg, coriander, sage; onion, garlic, mustard powder; mixed italian herbs, sea salt, white and black pepper and worcestershire sauce. Crack in an egg or two, add in a handful of panko bread crumbs and a glug of cooking oil and mix. I can't say they taste anything like the ones at McDonalds but these were pretty tasty. The leftovers are going to become sausage roll filling.

I even attempted to make my own English muffins using an interesting recipe from Bill Granger's Bill's Basics. It requires folding in an egg white beaten into stiff peaks into a wet dough before kneading it with additional flour. After the first rise, they are rolled, dusted with polenta and cut into small rounds for a second rise. After that just pan fry them on both sides until golden. No baking required. I think these taste better with some jam after a steamy rendezvous with the toaster. 

Edit (07/01/14): The sausage roll! Roll out a sausage of meat and wrap it around half a sheet of partially defrosted store-bought puff pastry, glaze with egg yolk and bake.