30 Jul 2013

kuching 03

I'm back in Melbourne and on my way to finish the last semester before I graduate! I'm already starting to miss my family in Malaysia but I'm glad to be back at home. 

On our second last day in Kuching, we spent half our time at Bako National Park. Whilst waiting for our vessel to pick us up, I read some stuff on people being attacked/eaten alive by crocodiles and such was so paranoid I would meet the same fate. The awas (danger) sign didn't help. But when I asked the asked the boat guy, he just laughed and said he has never seen them. Ha... 

At the time we arrived, it was low-tide - which meant we had to walk a short distance onto mainland. Take off your shoes and socks and roll your pants up! Don't worry about dirtying your feet, there's a spot where you can wash your feet. Remember to bring a small towel or some tissues too.

We saw a lot of wild boars and monkeys around headquarters, but didn't see any animals on our trail walk. Oh! Except for a venomous (green and slim) viper on one of the bridges! 

We I became mosquito bait for 10-15 minutes whilst we waited for the Bako guide to find a proboscis monkey in the mangrove forest.

We then we trekked and wrestled mangroves up and down to see...

...the monkey's backside!!! heiowgbeiogbqekl

Kudo to my grandma and MC's mom who trekked through with the group even though they weren't wearing runners/hiking shoes. 

Our group took the Telok Paku trail. It was relatively short, estimated to take 1 hour. But once you get in the mood, 1 hour of walking isn't enough. My sister was raring to go for another round, but unfortunately it wasn't included in our itinerary.

We were sweaty from walking, but it's really cool and shady inside the rainforest. I didn't even get bit by mosquitoes inside as well. Our trail ended in a secluded beach which meant we had to take off our shoes and socks again. Wash your feet in the sea before your get on the boat and dry them in the sun.

Our tour guide then took us to fishing village for lunch. The setting reminded us when we were in Johor Bahru a few years ago. Two other tourists that were with us at Bako joined us and it was so random eating with randoms. We had a lot of food as usual, but I thought it was as spectacular as the food we had on the previous days. The yellow wine crab soup was delicious though.

Can't go to a fishing village and not expect to get a whiff of salty fish!

When we returned to the hotel, we had free time so some of us did some exploring. By the time we walked back to the hotel to call the remainder of our group out, all the food outlets in Atap Street (Chinatown) was closed to our horror! Luckily we found a sort-of Westernised cafe near our hotel for dinner.

Ordered the teh C special without knowing what it was. It's just teh tarik with some pandan syrup. It actually tastes quite good, but the teh ais kurang manis gao from the mamak store near grandma's is so much better.

No kolo mee (how could they!), so I got this tomato fried noodle instead. I got to eat kolo mee back in KL, so all good.

My cousin had a soft serve and said it was better than McDonalds!

And that's the end of my Kuching trip! Would I go again? In a heartbeat (if I had the money)! More on my KL adventures another day!