19 May 2013

pizza night

We have pizza night every once and in a while at home. Pizza night meaning ordering pizza from the local joint on the phone and depending on the weather, walking or driving down to collect them. 

But hey, since we got a bread machine, might as well use that!

Instead of the usual flavours, I tried to recreate the pizza my aunt bought from a pub on Little Collins Street. Baby spinach, sliced mushrooms, ricotta and pineapple were scattered over the thin and crisp base and, I'm sure there were garlic and parmesan as well. Unfortunately, the one I made at home was quite bland compared to the one bought, but the flavours were rectified with Korean chilli flakes and a crack of sea salt for the mini spinach and ricotta pizza I was saving for later.

After two medium? and mini sized pizzas, there is still enough dough to make a couple more mini pizzas! I think I will try making a dessert pizza.