16 Jul 2012

make me a sandwich

One of those silly things the boys said to the girls during my high school years. This would either lead to the girls retaliating by throwing a cuss remark back, boy bashing or the cold shoulder. True story.

I was asked to make coffee once but I "didn't know how to because I don't drink it". So he ended up "showing" me by making it himself. Heh, loser .

Actually, I was thinking about else as well. During junior and middle school we would have this health day activity which included some kind of a long walk. When we reached our destination we would have a Subway like station waiting for us. Each student would collect a plate, napkin and bread roll and proceed to the teachers where we would point and select what we wanted in them. I never picked beetroot because it looked so strange. Still don't bother with them.

We'd always call them salad rolls because each roll only had one thinly sliced deli meat overshadowed by vegetables.