26 Jun 2012

cookies & milk

It was during my baking hiatus that I found out my sister preferred soft and chewy cookies rather than the crunchy ones I've been baking all along. It's better to make it to her liking since she's the one eating most of them.

Me? I like cake. 

I've been reading Simply Bill by Bill Granger lately and decided to try the chocolate chip and pecan cookies. They didn't look like the ones in the book, but they turned out how my sister fancied her cookies.

The very same recipe has been published in The Telegraph, so why not bake a batch or two.  

NB: I've substituted pecans for roasted & chopped hazelnuts and block chocolate for dark chocolate chips - just because I had some in the pantry. Chopped chocolate would be better though. And just a pinch of sea salt instead of the amount specified.