23 Aug 2011

sugar-high school days

I was having a conversation (more like exchanging HAHAs and LOLs) with Mrs.Roddick last night. It was a decent conversation and we ended up talking about these brownies again! She would always say how a "light dusting of icing sugar" as stated on the recipe became "filling our containers with icing sugar". Our food tech classes ended just as lunch time started so we became sugar-high from eating these sugar-coated brownies for lunch. Um...good times?

The ingredients are pretty similar to the original, however the method is quite different. Texture wise, the original was more cake-like whereas these ones I would describe as dense.

P.S. Dear students running Average Joe's this year. I am not sure if one of you reads my blog, but according to my sister, one of my old food photos was used in your ad :) It was an ugly photo haha! Good luck with business!