12 Feb 2011

a little place i found interesting

Nestled in between or behind commercial buildings and tall office blocks in Melbourne are woven through with designer boutiques, coffee shops, florists and a French creperie. A charming sub-culture which is filled with excitement and mystery with every turn in the winding maze.

Hidden away in one of the lane ways in the cafe and restaurant filled Little Collins Street, was once a truck rental garage now transformed into a bakery that you have to keep your eyes peeled for!

Looking into the pastry window to view the freshly baked breads and pastries, you will witness tongs continuously clipping away at the bakery items. Walking inside you will smell freshly toasted ham and cheese croissants whilst hearing the whirring and clunking of the coffee machines. Admire the simple decor of colourful tiles adjourned to the wall. Sit on the high-perched stools looking out through the "hole in the wall" whilst waiting for your baguette filled with all sorts to be toasted.

If you think the window filled goodies is all they sell, head inside, take a deep breath, enjoy the air perfumed by coffee and yeast and take a browse at the menu. If bakery items are not your thing, come back for lunch in the connecting Gills Diner down the back.

I just discovered this neat cafe last month and I love it!


Commercial Bakery
Rear 360 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 8631 5900