26 Apr 2009

grub ft. Lalarhs

Lalarhs came over to my house today. There's like really nothing to do at my house...so I guess she was kinda bored after a while. Today we used the base recipe from one of my previous recipes which can be found here.

So I made 3 different types of cake.
  • lemon and coconut
  • chocolate chip
  • blueberry

Bwahaha, I don't want to cut the cake...but I'm going to give some to my friends tomorrow...So I'm going to cut it sooner or later...

Lalarhs bought Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version) over, so I started to watch it. Hahaha it's a pretty good drama. XD So far my favourite character is Hanazawa Rui :D, Domyoji's sister and Okami-san. Okami-san is SO RANDOM it's funny. Lalarhs and I were also bagging how useless and helpless Sakurako was...but we all know she is EVIL!!!