1 Jan 2010

darling harbour

It was rather unfortunate that it was an overcast day when we visited the popular tourist area, Darling Harbour. Nevertheless, we had a great time sitting to and from via the jam packed ferries.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

According to Alvin most people just stand outside the Opera House to take photos and don't go inside, which was what we did! The interior looked really nice though.

Sydney Opera House

City landscape

I was thinking the whole day of using Jun's Nikon D80 to take better lanscape photos, since a DSLR's lens are much bigger and take in more of a wider area. It was just the day after yesterday, that I found out the D80 belonged to Yuka.

Anyone up for yachting?

The air was refreshing most of the time however, we experienced gusts of smelly ocean water too.

Old Sydney prison, later turned hotel and tourist attraction



Lots of kelp! We also saw a bunch of sea urchins on the other side of the pier.

Ferry ticket