8 Jan 2010

claw machine frenzy

A few days ago, I went out with Eira and Thangstahh as part of our "meet at least once in the term holidays". I haven't seen each other in while, so it was a good catch up of what's going on in everyone's lives. Turns out we have a pretty good plan of what we hope to achieve for our ATAR and our plan onwards.

Thangstahh's new iTouch

Arriving in the city, we met up with Eira at Menya located at Melbourne Central. Whilst they ate their ramen, I mucked around with Thangstahh's iTouch. Cooking Mama was fun, but I prefer playing it on Nintendo DS.

Help! My prize is stuck! Claw machine FAIL!

We visited our usual places and Photo World is of course one of them. What was funny was when I bent down to get my prize, it didn't come out! Instead it was stuck on the claw, so Eira went to call the staff over to rescue it.

My efforts for that day

Spent a total of $3 for 2 plush toys. As I bumped into Dimitri and Murasaki at the train station, they wanted to meet me at Photo World; Dimitri wanted to challenge me at claw machine (he ended up using $10 for 3 plush toys) and Murasaki was "I can't wait to meet someone" We ended up leaving before they came because we finished our budgeted money.

Went to Cue City to play pool and I left during the 4th game because I had to get back to close down the cafe.

It was a fun day, and the highlight was that some guy literally ran to Photo World to play claw machine and failed epic.

Tip of the day: Don't waste all your gold coins on one claw machine. Go try your luck at the other machines :)