4 Jan 2010

walking to china...town

One of the entrances to China Town

After visiting most of the attractions Darling Harbour has to offer, we walked to China Town for a late lunch. My dad didn't go into the aquarium, so he went to China Town instead to eat, therefore he decided for us to eat at the "cheap, fresh, and big servings meal" food court.

China Town was different from Melbourne's. Inside, various restaurants and bakeries lined the street. There was Photo Plus run by Koreans which only had 4 machines, however had 3 levels selling key rings, plush toys, stationery and all that cute stuff etc. This was also the place Jun took his time picking out a plush for his sister. It also had to be a pig since he said his sister looks like one (he is just being a mean little brother)

There were none of the arcades and alley ways so everything was very neat an orderly. However there was a small building with boutiques and more shops selling cute stuff.

The food court was a round of food stores with brightly lit signs and photos of each meal they have to offer. There was First Taste Soup, ramen stores, Malaysian cuisine and of course Chinese cuisine.

Unlike Melbourne, where cooked food is placed in bain maries, the meals are cooked fresh and served along side with a bowl of rice. Because most stores have a person in the front taking orders and one person cooking, we had to wait for our ticket numbers to be called so we could collect our meal.

Sweet and sour pork with rice @ $8.80?

I couldn't be bothered looking at the many choices of food because I honestly wasn't feeling hungry so I just said sweet and sour pork. Unfortunately it wasn't really that nice, but edible. Maybe it was because I wasn't that hungry... My parents, sister and uncle ordered other stuff but I didn't take photos of it.

Walked back to the train station and took the following photos:

Skyview (equivalent to Melbourne's FAIL Southern Star)

When we got back at my aunty and uncle's place for dinner, we ate homemade pho with a lively bunch of cousins, auntys and uncles.