24 Jan 2010

where's the custard?!

Ever since M told be about Mira's food blog (Japanese), I began to admire her baking, cooking and photography skills. It was just like WOW!! What a pro! Talk about being impressed! I've tried a few of her recipes and they always turn our better than I expected. The textures of the cakes are really fluffy and it's not dry or anything.

When she announced she was pregnant, I was really, really happy for her. But that meant her baking slowed down quite a bit. So it was pretty rare to see a new recipe out. However she did blog her progress and shared photos of her previous bakes and her cat :)

This time I chose to make a custard filled banana cake. Funny thing was when I was halfway, I noticed the bananas were not on the bench top. PANIC ATTACK! So I incorporated the flours in so the creamed mixture wouldn't curdle and left straight away to the green grocers.

I didn't even bother going to Coles because I don't think they will sell over riped bananas. Thankfully the green grocers had a whole lot and it didn't cost me that much too! I rushed back home and continued on.

I piped in custard in the middle of the cake before baking however, when the cake was done, the custard was no where to be seen. Which leaves me with the ultimate question, where's the custard?!

Probably evaporated of something...? I don't see the custard on Mira's photo either. Oh well, the cake was really fluffy and light :D

Edit: I found the custard in the later part of the cake XD

On a note, Happy 17th Birthday SARS :)