3 Jan 2010

sydney aquarium

Old submarine war ship outside the Sydney Aquarium (in front of the National Maritime Muesem)

You really wouldn't believe the queue to enter the aquarium. Well, I guess it can't be helped as it's the holiday period where everyone is up and about. We ended up lining up for 40 minutes.

During the ferry ride to the aquarium, we passed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where there was a lighting piece in the middle. My sister and I said it was the ying yang sign however my uncle said it looked nothing like it. We proved to be right after watching Sydney's New Year's fireworks broadcasted live :P

Whilst lining up, there were two Irish guys and a female companion behind us. Looking at the promotional poster for Wildlife World, they vowed to sue Wildlife World if they didn't see a dinosaur as mentioned in the poster.

Saltwater crocodile

The crocodile was one of the feature in the Dangerous and Deadly exhibit. There were also a lot of dangerous fish and sea creatures such as stone fish, pipe fish, moon jelly fish featured as well.

Fairy penguins are so snobby

School of fish

The tunnel

The tunnel was filled with tourists, locals as well as sharks, fish, giant turtles behind the glass tank. Featured were the endangered dugongs.

Dory has lost her way...AGAIN!

Dragon sea horse and an ordinary sea horse

Giant stingray

What was funny was when I saw my classmate from Chinese School in the aquarium. I was surprised to find someone I knew in Sydney. We had a brief chat, before he headed out to the glass bottom boat tour with his family.


I was trying to find all the fish from Finding Nemo. I also saw Bubbles (the yellow fish) but the photo didn't turn out so well.

After spending around two hours in there, my mum and I mucked around in the souvenir shop taking photos and all. It was enjoyable to actually see animals moving around, because it does tend to get boring when the animals all lounge around doing nothing.

For more information, head to Sydney Aquarium's website.