31 Dec 2009

train-ing it in sydney

Central Station - near China Town (I'd say the equivalent to Flinders Station)

I'm back in Melbourne during another heat wave, but before posting other stuff, I'm going yo continue about my holiday in Sydney.

Can't really expect to always drive to our destinations whilst on holiday, so we tend to use the public transport available. Here in Sydney, public transport means trains, trams, ferries and buses. However, unlike the system we have in Melbourne, each transport requires a different ticket.

Ticket machine

Buying a ticket for the trains were so confusing. I thought metcards worked throughout Australia, so I bought a whole stash to Sydney, finding out it's a different system.

The ticket machine uses the same system like the ones in Taiwan and Japan. There are 8 different train lines with it's own distinct colour and routes. To purchase a ticket, you really need to know what stop you are going to get off at, because each ticket is valid for a certain number of stops.

Train ticket

Unlike the $3 weekend fare we have in Melbourne, Sydney has a $2.50 family fun day ticket. However children have to be accompanied by an adult to be legible to purchase a family fun day ticket. Family tickets on a weekend are $2.50 which is the same for ferries as well.


The trains in Sydney have 3 levels! An upper level, a ground level (with limited seats) and a lower level. But the seats are pretty packed together, so it seems hard to squish into during peak hours. There are also no air conditioning inside, so it's really stuffy and stinks on a hot day unless everyone opens the windows.

Lower level

I'd say the transport will be successful if the trains in Sydney and Melbourne fuse together. Melbourne's interior combined with Sydney's exterior (3 levels).

Let's hope Metro and I are on the same line of thinking.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!