24 Dec 2009

chrismas present

A wrapped Christmas box underneath the plastic and brown wrapping

The post man came earlier than expected with the mail yesterday, with nothing for me. So when I returned home from the temple and dinner I was surprised to see a package addressed to me from my blogger friend, Henry. Actually I received more mail than expected! I had one from The Daily Yomiuri, informing me I didn't win the photo competition (as expected) and one from VSL with my homework.

I've been stalking the post man ever since the holidays, to see when he comes. Usually he makes his rounds at 1.30 PM so I was rather annoyed when he came late on Wednesday. I am actually very overfilled with joy when the post man comes round with mail. I don't know why, but receiving mail is kinda special in a way :) I won't overfilled with the bills in the mail when it's my turn to pay them though.

Christmas badge, snow globe Hello Kitty Card, Pure Gula Melaka (Coconut Sugar), 椰子糖 (coconut caramels)

Inside the package were famous Malaysian sweets. One being gula melaka from Malacca which can be used as filling for tong yuan and can be melted into syrups.

椰子糖 coconut caramels

Inside the brightly coloured wrappers were 椰子糖. They were soft and chewy and had a strong coconut aroma with some kind of nuts inside. My mum used to say she ate them when she was a kid and was happy when she saw them. I'm going to stock up on these when I go to Malaysia :D

I would like to say a BIG thank you to my blogger friend, Henry and his family for such a thoughtful present!