11 Dec 2009

my house is very boring

So I invited Murasaki and Lief92 to my house to do stuff. But my house is very boring so we mainly just played Wii, talk and visit the park :) Apparently the two find watching me bake and take photos very interesting...

And I think the amount of food at my house shocked them XD My house was branded a supermarket with 8000 different types of chocolates. HAHA! Also managed to make a dozen chocolate muffins (which were too sweet), brownies and fluffy pancakes.

I took a total of 42 photos and picked out 4 shots that I think were better. Still the man made objects were in the way most of the time.

Patience and positioning

This goose/duck is very self conscious. Kept grooming itself!

Water hen!

Also when I checked my e-mail, I noticed I had one junk mail. It turned out that the email was from a staff from The Japan Forum informing me that one of my posts (later shortened by TJF) on tsunagaaru is chosen to be published in 国際文化フォラム (Kokusai Forum Tsuushin) at the end of January 2010. How cool is that!