5 Feb 2010

面煎粿 - just an asian peanut pancake

A variety of names for this particular dessert? depending on where you live. If you are Singaporean you are most likely familiar with mee jian kuih, mian jian kuih, ban jian kueh etc. Whilst if you are Malaysian it's named something similar ; apom balek (balik?), ban chang kuih, man jian kuih, jin long bao (that's what I call it) etc. I reckon it's just how you pronounce the Chinese name 面煎粿, but to me it's just an Asian peanut pancake.

I lived in Malaysia when I was a kid for a year or so and fly there on a yearly basis. One of my favourite street hawker food was this peanut pancake. You can pretty much get them in any pasar malam (night markets). If you live in Malaysia, you should know that there is a famous peanut pancake stall on a Wednesday night? (I don't know if it's this night, but it's the biggest pasar malam of the week) It's so famous there's a massive queue every time! But the wait is worth it :D

Makes me await going to Malaysia in less than 2 months :)

When making local food from a particular country, I prefer to looking for the original recipe, meaning someone who lives in that country made it (does it make sense?) I stumbled across Piggy's Cooking Journal's recipe and decided to use her recipe.

It wasn't that hard after all and tastes almost like the real thing, just missing those crispy edges!

Adding the batter to the pan

I let the pancake set too much before adding the fillings in :(

Should be easy to flip if you greased the pan properly

Perfect for a family of 4 :)

I didn't have plain flour so I used self raising flour and added the raising agents which is probably why mine looks thicker that the one in Piggy's Cooking Journal. I reduced the sugar and didn't grind the peanuts that much.

Tastes almost like the real thing, highly recommend it and will most definitely will make this again and again and again! It's so yummy :D

Recipe used <- click!